A Little About AgroLux

Agrolux is a worldwide supplier of supplemental lighting for horticulture. They distinguish themselves based on advice, service and quality. They produce their own luminaires and export them to clients worldwide. Their broad knowledge, extensive experience and innovative technological solutions, makes them stand out in the horticulture industry. 

Established in 2002, Agrolux continues to grow yearly in size and production numbers. AgroLux is based out of the Netherlands, a country that predominantly utilizes greenhouses for crop production, so you can rest assured that their productcs are built to high standards and are the perfect solution to your supplemental lighting needs.

AgroLinks can provide you with a quote to include:
  • Design of a custom lighting system specific to your project
  • Complete drawings with a lighting layout
  • Load lists
  • Information on payment plans

ALF 600

The ALF600 is the most complete 600 watt-luminaire with the highest output in its class. The ALF600 has been tested by Philips; Philip’s electronic ballast and light source has been approved for use in the ALF600. The luminaire was tested on efficiancy, yield, thermal management and bulb voltage. The ALF600 was approved on all requirements!
ALF 1000

With the ALF1000 luminaire, Agrolux once again proves that it is very capable of innovation. The ALF1000 2.1 is completely new and deviates off the beaten path. The electronic pre-connected lighting luminaires are provided with own or Philips electronics, a semi-open reflector (from Germany), a heat shield and a double-ended 1000 watt bulb from Philips.