A Little About Argus

Argus provides automated control systems for horticulture, aquaculture, and related biotechnology industries. Their capabilities include facilities automation and specialty monitoring and control applications to support the needs of our customers.

Argus is an automated control systems pioneer with over thirty years of leadership and innovation in control technology. They were among the first to use computers for integrating the control of greenhouse environments and irrigation systems. Today their systems are used in horticulture and biotechnology research facilities, universities, aquaculture and aquaponics, and many other custom control applications at sites throughout the world.

They understand that complex environments and engineered bio-production facilities require individually tailored strategies designed around the needs of the target activities. They also understand that greenhouses and other specialized facilities behave a lot differently than conventional buildings and often require much more complex equipment systems and backup contingencies to maintain optimal climates and growth processes.

Argus provides complete monitoring and control solutions including all necessary hardware and software. They also provide the knowledge and experience necessary for safe, efficient, integrated control of your facility. Whenever you need help, their service team will work with you to ensure you get the most out of your Argus control system.

They don’t expect you to be an expert. They know firsthand that automated control is a complex subject and they try to make their systems as easy to understand as possible, while allowing you maximum latitude for making your own adjustments and modifications.
AgroLinks can provide you with a quote to include:
  • A complete Argus control system configured to your specifications.
  • All control system components - the system controllers, I/O modules, and low voltage relay switching for all controlled equipment.
  • All sensors and instrumentation required for your monitoring and automated control applications.
  • Optional UL listed line voltage interfacing equipment for protecting, distributing, and switching line voltage electrical loads.
  • Argus Multi-Feed Nutrient Injectors. They are operated by the Argus System.
  • Complete custom drawings and installation documents.
The Components of an Argus System
System Access
An Argus Server PC is used to access control system information and adjust control settings. This can be any standard PC running the Microsoft Windows operating system. The Argus Server PC also performs housekeeping duties such as storing long-term archival data and backup copies of all control and system configuration settings in the controllers. The Server PC provides password-protected access to the control system enabling authorized users on other PCs to connect to the system via wired or wireless Ethernet networks and the Internet. Our multi-user option lets you connect multiple users for simultaneous access to the control system. The proprietary client/server features of the Argus Operator Program provide safe, secure, and comprehensive access to the system whether you are using the local Argus Server PC or a remote PC thousands of miles away. Remote clients have access to all of the features authorized by their password level no matter where they are access the system from. Even with a modest broadband connection, the user experience and program performance is practically identical. It is even possible to run independent sessions enabling operators with more than one site to log into all their all their Argus systems at once.

Argus Titan II controllers are the powerhouses at the heart of the Argus system. We custom program each one to manage your specific applications. They are fast, rugged, highly configurable, and can run more applications than most controllers in their class. They can also be easily networked together for seamless control of any sized facility.

Each system starts with an Access Point controller which consists of an Argus Titan II controller equipped with alarm contacts, a battery backup, and smart charging circuitry. The system is then expanded as needed by simply adding additional controllers connected together by a highly flexible communications network. Wired and wireless controller connection options are available

I/O Modules
Argus I/O Modules function as seamless extensions of each Argus Controller, acquiring data from connected sensors and executing all equipment control operations.  Large numbers of I/O Modules can be linked together to match the applications under control and physical locations of the controlled equipment and sensors. They can be ganged together in panels or distributed individually throughout your operation as required.
Output Modules
Argus I/O Modules have addressable connectors for automated equipment control signals. Any combination of Argus Output Relay Boards can be connected to provide control signals that are precisely matched to the controlled equipment. Depending on the application, each I/O Module can operate between 4 and 32 discreet outputs.
Line Voltage Interfacing
Argus can provide custom engineered UL listed line voltage interfacing equipment either in separate panels or in combination enclosures along with the Argus Titan control hardware. Optional power distribution and circuit overload protection can also be provided. All components are matched to the controlled loads and panels arrive fully pre-wired and tested. All that remains for your installer is to mount the panels and connect the field wiring. Combination panels are well suited to new construction and major retrofits. They can be situated in centralized power rooms or distributed throughout your facility in close proximity to the controlled equipment. A selection of standard relay interfacing modules is available to suit most applications.

As part of our system configuration service we normally identify and supply all of the sensors required for your monitoring and automated control applications. This includes a careful analysis of each application, and the information that is required for safe, efficient operation and management. Since the Argus system is completely integrated, we can often use the information from a single sensor for multiple purposes including control coordination and safety monitoring.  Likewise, for added safety, redundant levels of monitoring can often be provided when multiple sensors are associated with a given application. We manufacture a number of specially designed multi-sensor modules such as the WS2 Weather Station and Titan Omni-Sensor modules. We also stock a wide assortment of third party sensors carefully selected to match each application. You can also specify or provide your own sensors and instrumentation as required and we can usually provide interfacing for any existing sensors and instrumentation we may have.

Multi-Feed Nutrient Injection Systems
Argus Multi-Feed injectors including the new Multi-Feed RM are designed and manufactured exclusively by Argus and feature some of the most advanced capabilities of any nutrient control equipment including full single-element dosing options. The injectors are capable of 'on-the-fly' delivery of multiple stock concentrates regardless of the system flow rate.

With a Multi-Feed injector, you can use the same dosing equipment to deliver dozens of different recipes. You can also modify the feed concentration and chemistry to suit the current conditions. Fully integrated with the comprehensive irrigation and fertigation capabilities of the Argus Titan system, Multi-Feed injection systems enable you to simply 'dial-in' a precision feeding program for every crop.