A Little About Lumigrow

LumiGrow, Inc. is the leading provider of smart horticultural lighting solutions. By enabling commercial growers and researchers to achieve operational efficiencies, they reduce energy consumption and improve crop yields. LumiGrow offers a range of third-party proven lighting solutions for greenhouses, indoor gardens and scientific research chambers.

Their 3,000+ commercial and institutional installations include the world’s largest agribusinesses, top 100 garden centers, produce and flower growers, as well as, leading academic institutions. They are committed to delivering top-performing, energy-efficient lighting to commercial greenhouse growers, researchers and indoor gardeners.

AgroLinks can provide you with a quote to include:
  • Design of a custom lighting system specific to your project
  • Complete drawings with a lighting layout
  • Load lists
  • Information on incentives & rebates, buyback programs, as well as payment plans 

Pro 325

The Pro 325 system is engineered for commercial greenhouses and controlled environment agriculture (CEA) environments. Like all LumiGrow solutions, the Pro 325 light eliminates waste inherent to HID lights by focusing photons in plants’ primary response regions rather than in spectral regions plants can’t use. All of the light produced by the Pro 325 system is productive for plants, yielding 70% energy savings versus the 1000-Watt HID lights they replace.

Pro 625

The Pro 650 system raises the PAR bar for the entire horticultural lighting industry. The Pro 650 light is for growers and scientists who require red and blue PAR output greater than that of 1000-Watt HID lights without the costly energy demand of these fixtures. Energy savings versus a 1000- Watt HID light is approximately 40%.

Lumibar LED Strip Light 
The LumiBar Pro solution from LumiGrow provides precise lighting control for multilayer cultivation and research. Apply the default settings or tune the LumiBar Pro to your preferred light intensity and color ratio for every stage of crop growth. Assess crop characteristics with the white setting.

SmartPAR Service

The patented SmartPAR™ light management service enables growers to automatically customize greenhouse lighting based on a variety of factors including region, climate, crop type and desired crop characteristics. (These functions are performed manually when LumiGrow Pro lights are implemented without SmartPAR software.) By tuning light levels and spectra in accordance with plant needs, growers boost crop yield and uniformity while they gain electrical cost savings of up to 70% compared to conventional lighting.

Download Service Data Sheet for the SmartPAR Software