A Little About Micro Grow

Micro Grow Greenhouse Controls are for greenhouses. Their state-of-the-art computer-based control systems give you the power to meet demands placed upon the busy greenhouse grower without the need to understand the complexity of a computer. Their toggle switch front panel and pre-set factory settings take the worry out of your hands. Their controls, either single or multiple zones, are customized for your growing needs. Micro Grow products set the standard for cost effective and efficient growing.
AgroLinks can provide you with a quote to include:
  • A complete Micro Grow control system configured to your specifications
  • All control system components - the system controllers, and low voltage relay switching for all controlled equipment.
  • All sensors and instrumentation required for your monitoring and automated control applications.
  • Optional UL listed line voltage interfacing equipment for protecting, distributing, and switching line voltage electrical loads.
  • Watering systems, propagation, misting and fogging.