A Little About Wadsworth

Wadsworth is the oldest environmental control company in North America. The company was founded by George Dean Sr. in 1952. It was his son, George Dean, that innovated the way greenhouses are automated. George is in the SAF horticultural hall of fame for his contributions in automation advancements.

Wadsworth offers a variety of environmental controls to match your needs as well as your budget. They also specialize in manufacturing vent automation, as well as, curtain systems.
AgroLinks can provide you with a quote to include:
  • A complete Wadsworth control system configured to your specifications
  • All control system components - the system controllers, and low voltage relay switching for all controlled equipment.
  • All sensors and instrumentation required for your monitoring and automated control applications.
  • Optional UL listed line voltage interfacing equipment for protecting, distributing, and switching line voltage electrical loads.