Environmental Control

Environmental controls are essential to managing and monitoring any advanced horticultural project. With the ability to monitor and maintain temperature, humidity, CO2, light levels, and virtually every aspect of the growing environment. A variety of sensors provide the systems with constant updates on the conditions and software can provide data logging so you can monitor and maintain records of each crop. Alarms are available to provide system notifications in the event any equipment malfunctions and you are at risk of losing crops. Environmental control systems vary in complexity and prices reflect capability. Finding a system that matches the needs and the budget of our customers is our specialty. 

Argus Titan System

One of the highlights of the Titan system is it's modular structure making it relatively easy to add outputs or inputs as you need them. The structure is built on the idea that you can have multiple networked controllers, each being connected to an array of I/O panels with interchangeable output modules for the different types of equipment in your greenhouse. The hardware is top of the line, but the Titan's strength is in its software. The Titan is not a conventional step system, in that it offers complete flexibility to operate your greenhouse as you see fit through a user friendly, interactive interface that conceals complex algorithms and industry leading programming. The software is what really drives the system beyond just being a "glorified thermostat". Argus also has a multitude of sensors that measure every aspect of the growing environment; from light, CO2, temperature, humidity, current, pH, EC, if it can be measured they have a sensor for it. 

Some of the other highlights of the system include battery backups, phone and email alerts for alarms, data logging, the ability create "programs" for crops that can be saved and reused instead of having to reconfigure the settings for every planting. 

Wadsworth Seed

The Seed is the new interactive controller offered by one of the earliest innovators of environmental control, Wadsworth Controls. 

Link4 iGrow Series

The iGrow series of controllers by Link4 is one 

MicroGrow Growmaster

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