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Located in beautiful Monterey County California, AgroLinks LLC has a full service, UL Listed panel shop to build commercial control equipment special to your needs.

We have our own line of control panels, AgroTrols, which can be individually adapted to your unique situation or we can work with you to design and build panels to match your specifications.

AgroTrols line of adaptable panels includes the DriveLink, ZoneLink, and RangeLink. DriveLink is a control panel suited for the direct control of remote motors and can utilize the compact size of our relay devices in one efficient enclosure.


In 2005, AgroLinks LLC entered the commercial equipment control industry with a line of unique and innovative products. Though the original devices were created to link the controls and equipment for the greenhouse industry we realized that the benefits were far reaching and could be used for commercial equipment on a larger scale.  The line of interface relays were created to lower the material and installation costs of motor controls by eliminating the need for conventional relays, interlock and limit switch wiring, selector switches, and pilot lights. The new devices have the benefits of integrated relays, override switches, LED status lights and power relays in a compact device. A few of our previous projects include:




-Ready to wire VFDs with cooling fans

-Assembly of foreign manufactured panels to comply

with MADE IN USA specifications

For a full list of our shop capabilities or to have us design a panel contact:
Design & Planning

We have a certified CAD designer on staff backed by a team of experts with years of experience in the greenhouse industry.  Our team will create your set of plans that are easy to read and understand, they will be working drawings.  The drawings can be implemented directly from the paper to the field for a cost efficient and fully functional greenhouse.  Our drawings can be approved by a licensed electrical engineer for direct submittal to your local inspector or county office for approval.

Per Job Package

  • Site Visit, Consult with Vendor, Consult with AgroLinks Specialist, 1 Set of Drawings

Extra Options

  • Drawing Package to Bidder
  • Change Orders
  • As-Built Drawings
Training & Commissioning

When your growing environment needs to be harnessed to maximize growth for faster return on profits, maximize energy efficiency to lower overhead costs or to create a unique environment foreign to your geographic location our team is here to help.  With our team of factory trained technicians, your employee can be properly trained on how to utilize your new equipment and how to maximize the efficiency of your new environmental control system.

Backed by the leading companies in greenhouse control and automation, our team can review and ensure your control installation meets or exceeds design specifications.  With AgroLinks you can rest assured your control equipment has been installed properly, operates in the manner it was intended, and will be protected by the warranty your manufacturer offers.

AgroLinks' Authorized Installation Contractor

Brooks Electrical Services Inc. has been specializing entirely in the greenhouse and nursery industry since 1995. They have been involved in installing electrical and control systems since 1985 and have not only completed numerous complex control installations in the greenhouse industry, but have pioneered technology in many other agricultural, industrial and commercial applications utilizing wireless controls and solar powered controls.

Brooks Electrical Services Inc. is committed to implementing the latest technologies and industry practices to provide our customers with the solutions needed for success in today's marketplace.  They can install your control system and nutrient injection system.  Contact them for a quote today.


Brooks Electrical is a licensed and fully insured C10 electrical contractor.  California Contractors License No. 794701.  They have a proven history of integrity, reliability and unrivaled or workmanship.

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