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Trusted by Growers
Who Want a Partner, Not a Provider

From cannabis to cantaloupe, whatever you grow, you need a greenhouse design and implementation partner who has both extensive experience and a proven commitment to client success. We’ve collaborated with growers to create the optimal environments for their crops since 1993.

As a result, we have a level of expertise in the art of greenhouse operations that few newcomers, enticed by the rapidly growing cannabis industry, can match. We’ll serve you as a partner and advisor to get the work done right from the start and avoid costly mistakes.

Our background includes successful engagements with growers of all kinds, including:

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Floriculture is unique not only in the conditions needed to support beautiful blooms, but also in the timing of crop readiness. If your peak production is out of sync with a major holiday by even a few days, you lose money. We understand these constraints and can ensure you’re positioned to meet them.


Some vegetable growers specialize in a few crops, while others have a large range. We work closely with you to fully understand your needs—both agricultural and business. From your ideal growing environment to your long-term sales forecasts, we take it all into account in designing your ideal greenhouse solution.


Creating the right conditions for growing healthy, productive fruit crops is a complex challenge. Fortunately, it’s one we’ve been meeting for decades. We combine cutting-edge technology with the kind of insights only experience can develop to craft flexible and effective solutions.


The tremendous opportunity provided by explosive growth in the cannabis industry can lead a grower to believe that the overriding goal is to get product to market quickly. We help producers understand that a greenhouse design and implementation can be done both quickly and correctly to prevent costly rework later. We also provide options for expansion, so when the time is right and funding permits, you’ll be ready to go.

Greenhouses for Institutions
and Research

In addition to commercial grow operations, we have a great deal of experience working with high schools, colleges, universities and research facilities.


From new greenhouse construction to the expansion of existing operations, we design solutions that use high-quality equipment and materials in order to meet your educational needs today but also provide exceptional service life. This helps you get the most from your budget now and in the future.


Whether you perform private research, conduct government studies, or work in a higher education setting, we develop agile greenhouse solutions that can easily evolve as the goals of your research change. And we handle every aspect of the project from concept to completion so you can stay focused on your work.

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The first step in every successful greenhouse design and construction project is understanding your options for the structure and the company that will stand behind it. Contact us today to tell us about your objectives and learn how our services can help you achieve them.

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