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Project Management/Consulting

Brooks Electrical Services offers expert greenhouse project management and consulting services. In some engagements, we simply provide insight and help establish the direction for a project. In others, we’re responsible for project oversight and coordination from start to finish. In whatever ways you need to leverage our expertise and experience in the design, building, installation or commissioning of growing environments and operational systems, we’re happy to collaborate with you.

We can also step in when a project has gotten off track or has been completed incorrectly. In those instances, our team can quickly assess the original plan, determine how it should be modified, and oversee the necessary updates. Ensuring this rework is completed quickly and effectively minimizes the financial impact as well as construction errors.


At Brooks Electrical Services, our CAD and Land F/X designers are the best in the business and are backed by a team of experts with over 25 years of experience in greenhouse design, construction and commissioning. That combination of skill and experience is unrivaled in the industry.

Our team creates comprehensive plans that are easy to read and understand. The detail and clarity of these working drawings means they can go from the drawing board to the field and drive the construction of a cost-efficient and fully functional greenhouse.

With pre-signed contracts and a deposit in place, our plans can be approved by a licensed electrical engineer for direct submittal to your local inspector or county office for review. These design documents provide all the necessary information on:

  • Control Layout
  • Electrical Systems
  • Irrigation & Fertigation
  • Lighting


As a panel shop, we can build greenhouses to virtually any specifications. If you can envision it, we can help you make it a reality. Our teams are highly experienced in greenhouse construction, and ensure that every aspect of the design is reproduced exactly to the specifications and building codes provided.

With decades of industry experience, our team will manage your project smoothly from concept to completion.


Brooks Electrical Services, has been in the business of electrical control systems for more than 35 years, and has been recognized as an innovator and leader in the greenhouse and nursery industry since 1995. In that time, the company has not only completed countless complex control installations in the greenhouse industry, it has also developed and patented technology in many other agricultural, industrial, and commercial applications utilizing wireless controls and solar powered controls.

Brooks Electrical Services is skilled in implementing the latest technologies and leveraging industry best practices to produce the kinds of solutions needed for success in today’s competitive marketplace. They can install your control system, nutrient system, reverse osmosis (RO) system, lights, and irrigation system efficiently and effectively to ensure they operate as designed.

Brooks Electrical Services, Inc. is a licensed and fully insured C10 Electrical Contractor—California Contractors License No. 794701. We have a history of unrivaled integrity, reliability, performance, and workmanship.

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In order to amplify your return on investment (ROI) and shorten the path to profitability, your greenhouse systems must be fully optimized. At Brooks Electrical Services, we help you maximize energy efficiency for lower overhead costs and, in general, create highly productive growing environments.

We have strong relationships with the leading companies in greenhouse control and automation, and extensive knowledge of their products. Consequently, our team can review your environment and ensure your control installation adheres to every aspect of the design specifications.

With Brooks Electrical Services, you can rest assured your control equipment has been installed properly, operates correctly, and will be protected by the manufacturer warranty. This is true whether you are developing a standard greenhouse or a growing environment that is foreign to your geographic location.

Training & Testing

Brooks Electrical Services technicians are factory trained and highly skilled. This enables us to provide training to your employees on how to utilize your new equipment and maximize the efficiency of your environmental control systems.

We also provide guidance on how periodic testing and systems maintenance can help ensure your controls have the latest updates, your staff is up-to-speed on new technology, and your systems continue to operate efficiently and effectively as designed. Our technicians advise you of any necessary updates and make recommendations for repairs.

In addition to our extensive expertise in greenhouse control and support systems, we are certified in many of the leading technologies including Argus Controls, Microgrow, Link4 and Priva. You can rest assured that when we provide recommendations, they are based on in-depth knowledge of each manufacturer’s specific technologies and equipment.